“Senior portraits are records of moments that can never come again and are worth preserving.”

Here is how a casual session works~

60-90 minute photo session, $325

This session is all about you. We can go wherever you like. How about Upper Park, or Verbena Fields? The tree Farm, your own farm, the steel bridge, the college campus, your back yard, the baseball diamond? I do have some favorite places or you can choose. Let's go when the light is optimal, usually early or late when the sun is low. You should bring maybe three different outfits to wear. And feel free to bring your horse, your football jersey, your violin, your bike, your car, your truck, your family. Yes I want to meet your dog! We will spend as much time as it takes, and we will take a bunch of photos. Later, you can come to the studio to see everything on our big screen. You can order prints, books, digital files, whatever you desire. The average purchase is usually about $500, and it lasts a lifetime. Follow the link below for detailed pricing information.